Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Stuff

A kind of busy weekend. The boys both took the ACT test Saturday morning...they both had the opportunity to take it early as an assessment of where they are academically and more importantly, to get some practice taking it before the real thing. Surprisingly there weren't too many complaints about burning up 4 hours on a Saturday morning to take a test!

After they were done with their tests we packed up and headed to the farm. Billy spent a few hours at the local ski area. Temps in the mid 30's have been a nice reprieve from the bitter cold.
Eric took these pictures. I let him take the camera every now and again...but not for too long because his photos are usually a lot better than mine. :-)
My parents place is near the river. The look of the valley changes so much with the different seasons...and changes a lot depending on the light. It's beautiful no matter the season or the time of day. The view is just one of the things I took for granted as a kid.
This is Czar. I think that he might need some conditioner in his mane. :-) Have you ever looked into a horses eyes?
I think that there is a lot of mystery hidden in their eyes. But then again...maybe they are just eyeing me because they think I might have food...or a treat. That must be it.
Czar gets a little wild eyed sometimes. I think that someone told him that his eyes are bigger than his stomach so he's trying to make his eyes as big as he can. Can you tell I don't have much to say today? OK...I'll stop now.
And leave you with a couple of shots of the moon. The moon in the clouds.
And just the moon. After all, it's been almost a month since I showed you the last one!
Did you know that full moons make horses all wild-eyed? It's true. :-)

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