Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little things

There isn't much going on around here, but there are a few little things. Yesterday I spent some time getting some little gift bags ready for Stephanie's baby shower. The shower is on Saturday. When I made the invitations I used brown paper with little dots to make umbrellas....when I saw these little bags with dots and brown ribbon I knew I needed to get them. I left the room when I was done filling them and came back to this!

Inspector Molly was checking them out to make sure that I did it right...and to see if there was anything for cats inside. Sorry git! I get a lot of help around here. I moved the bags to a higher spot. I think they look kind of cool all in a row.

Dots are in right now! I found plates and napkins with dots too. The shower should be fun. There are almost as many people giving it as there are guests....well not quite.....but it doesn't feel like there is much work to do with so many helpers. The main thing I remember about my baby shower was that I felt so huge I could hardly get out of the chair...and then trying to open gifts around my huge belly....I needed longer arms. I hope that Steph remembers something more fun than little dotted goodie bags.

One to other things. The house was rocking a little bit ago. The last day of the semester was today for the boys. To celebrate they went and got another disc for their PlayStation 3 Rock Band. Crank it up man!! One of the songs was ghost busters....we won't need one if they keep playing it so loud. The ghosts will go and find a quiet house to live in. HEY...TURN THAT DOWN! Actually, I love it how they get along with each other....and I'm not going to like it when the house is quiet. Maybe I'll have to have some friends over to play Rock Band with me when the boys move away.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night....we are going to the World Toughest Rodeo. Those cowboys are tough...or nuts...maybe a little of both. Yee Haw! This little cowgirl sits on the window sill in my office. You can put business cards in her lasso...but I don't. I posted a picture of her in honor of the rodeo. And because I'm bored.

Did you notice the full moon? Fun to see on a crisp clear night. I took this picture standing out in my driveway.

It's kind of reassuring to me that it is so bright and clear even with the suburb lights. And with that, I'm out of things to say. Good night!

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