Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Date Night

Last night was date night. It must have been a special occasion because look at what I got!

Beautiful roses. Lots and lots of little roses. Can you guess where we went on our date?

Well...first we went to our volleyball game, and then we went to the grocery store! Woo hoo...

....I know it sounds pretty boring.....but when you call it a date and take the time to do it together and take the time talk to each other and laugh with each other, a date can happen just about anywhere you want it to.

And when your date knows that you don't really like grocery shopping and takes the time to go with to help and to keep you company, it can change your whole outlook. And when he buys you flowers just because they brighten the long winter days...

...it counts as a date. Grocery store dates...you should try it sometime.

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