Friday, January 15, 2010

A little project

I spent some time cleaning and straightening and organizing around the house today. I still have lots more to's an ongoing thing around here....but it felt nice to get a few extra things done. Motivation for cleaning isn't something that I have an abundance of, so sometimes I have to trick myself into doing it. For instance I'll say....if I get "x" amount of stuff done, then I can do "y". So, I got "x" amount done today....and my reward is to start another project. It's just a little project. I'm calling it "y". Or why? Or something.

It's a little crocheting project. I won't say what it is just yet, because it might be a while until it's finished. You see, it's going to be my reward for getting all that other stuff done. You know, the "x" and "y" thing I just mentioned. Trouble is, I never liked math very much and getting from "x" to "y" sounds an awful lot like algebra. Ewww. I might have to come up with a different plan.

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