Monday, January 25, 2010

Purple Pride

Eric and I drove up to the country to spend some time with our folks, to check on the horses, and to watch the game. The boys had homework and other things going on so they opted not to join us. Times are a changin'. It was a damp, rainy, slushy day for a drive. The horses were wet and scruffy and happy to have some extra grain. have hay in your mane....were you hiding your head between the bales? Why don't you have sense enough to go into the barn when it rains?

Skylar, you're looking sort of wet and shaggy too. Rain or shine, they are happy to see us. After spending some time with them, it was time to go and watch the Vikings game.

We had been waiting all week. Which team would show up? Would it be a blow out? Will the Vikes be in the Superbowl again after all these years? This would be the year to do it if they were going to. It wasn't to be. They started out great. And then the cheap hits on Favre started to come. And the team couldn't hang onto the ball. And the biased announcers kept droning on and on. And more cheap hits....and more fumbles. And a lost toss in overtime. And that was that. It is hard to watch a team that plays dirty win in any situation. It's worse when they are playing against "your" team. Sour grapes, maybe...but when your game plan is to injure the opposing teams quarterback two weeks in a row there is something wrong. Nastiness being rewarded in any arena is a bad thing. On the other hand, hats off to Brett Favre who played his heart out. What a fun season to watch his passion and love for the game...and his leadership. The things he taught some of the young players about how to play the game will live on long after he retires.

In the media so many of our fans are complaining about the "disappointing" season. 13 wins.....overtime and 3 points from the Superbowl....a quarterback that gave his all to the game. How can that be called disappointing? Purple Pride, it's not about winning or losing, it's how they played the game.

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