Monday, January 4, 2010

Favorite Things

One of the things I am going to do on my blog this year is to periodically share some of my favorite things. Not big things, not grand things, just things that I have that make me smile. One of those things are some of my Christmas ornaments. Specifically my Hallmark Rocking horses. This is the first one of the series, dated 1981. Cute on it's own, but even better...

...when it's with its stable full of friends.

From their fluffy yarn tails... their uniquely painted rocking horse ornaments always make me smile. It doesn't ever feel like Christmas until the horses are on the tree.

I won't show you all of them, but here are a few...the 1981 first of the series again. Even though this is the first of the series, it was the last one that I bought. My original collection started in 1984. I bought some, my mom gave me some for Christmas. The last of the series was released in 1996. I didn't have the 1st three, and I was missing one or two from the late 80's, but it was still a nice collection.

Each year I would take them out feel a little bit bad that some were missing. But I didn't really have a way to find them to buy them.
This paint is from 1985...I like him because he reminds my of my paint Skylar.

Anyway, enter the computer generation and E-Bay. I found those missing ones from the late 80's. This dapple gray is one of them. He reminds me of an Arabian that I had during those years.

The prices for the ornaments from the late 80's weren't too bad. The 2nd and 3rd in the series were higher, but I had the others so it seemed worth it.
I like this one from 1990, it looks like it is covered with gold stars...I would name him "fancy" if he needed a name. :-)

Even the plain old bay isn't so plain.
And the last in the series...the 1996 shiny black beauty.

Back to the 1981. I looked at it on E-bay many times. I couldn't spend that on an ornament. But then there was an auction for one without it's original box...and it wasn't nearly as bad. The boxes raise the collectors price. So I splurged. I don't remember what I paid. I haven't looked at them on E-bay for several years, so I don't have any idea what they go for now...but that isn't why I have them. I have them because they make me smile. And I have them because they they bring back memories every year when I take them out at Christmas time.

And every Christmas when I bring them out, it's not a Christmas carol that I'm humming, but a lullaby.
Hush-a-bye don't you cry,
Go to sleep-y, little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays
All the pretty little horses.
And that brings back all kinds of memories and dreams all on its own. That's the funny thing about favorite things, it's usually not about the things as much as it is about the memories that they bring.
The ornaments are getting packed away today, to be taken out again next year...along with all those memories that go with them. I can't wait!

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