Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frosty Start

When I stumbled down my stairs this morning in the search for coffee, I noticed that things looked a little unusual out the window. It's winter, so I expected it to be white, but this morning it was a little whiter than normal. Can you see it on the river birch tree?

Not so much? Here, how about the crab apple tree? Still not so much??

How about now, a little closer...now you can see it....yep....hoar frost....covering everything! Hoar frost, or radiation frost only happens when the conditions are just right.

There has to be moisture in the air, and objects that are warmer than the cold moist air, and voila...hoar frost!

It was pretty enough for me to pull on some sweat pants over my pajama bottoms, throw on some boots and head out to our front yard to snap some pictures.

Our poor neighbors, I think that they've figured out by now that they are living next to one odd duck. But I don't care...not when something cool like this is out there!

I miss living out in the country where I could just go outside any old time and not worry about it if I hadn't brushed my hair or teeth....or put on actual clothes.

But today I threw caution to the wind and tromped outside just as I was....well, after pulling on sweatpants. Because the thing about hoar frost is that it doesn't last very long...it's beauty is fleeting.

If I had taken the time to actually get dressed and comb my hair, I would have missed it.

And the thought of missing out on this....one of the many gifts in nature that God gives us....was much worse than the thought of scaring my neighbors! Hopefully they'll get over it.

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