Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it Spring?

It's January.  It's Minnesota.  It was cold and snowy today.  I had lunch with a friend and then a dentist appointment today...but it was a day where I really would have just rather holed up indoors and not braved the elements.  But if I had, I would have missed this....

That's's a robin!  Actually it was a whole flock of robins sitting in the neighbors tree eating berries.  In the cold.  Yummy frozen berries.

Some were on the ground in the snow eating the berries that fell.  Robins aren't supposed to be here until Spring.  Silly birds.  It made me wonder if they decided to winter here, or if they came back to soon....or if maybe they were migrating from really far North and hadn't made it very far yet.  I think they probably decided just to winter here to dine on fermented berries.  They had so many they don't know where they're at.  Brrr...head South you silly birds!  It's supposed to be -20 to -30 windchill tomorrow.  I hope they find shelter somewhere.

Brian came home when I was taking pictures of the birds.  "Hi Brian!"  "Um....hi mom....what are you doing out here?"  "Taking pictures of Robins."  "Um, sure mom...maybe you should go back inside now before anyone sees you."

Nobody believes me around here.  That's why I had to take pictures for proof!  There were Robins....really....lots of them!  Darned kids.

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