Friday, January 8, 2010

Made for Walkin'

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do...

When we were in Las Vegas last month there was a huge Expo with all kinds of cowboy and cowgirl stuff.  Clothing, jewelry, riding gear, horse gear, even cowboy dinnerware.  I've been wanting a pair of boots for a while, and while we were there, I found some!  WooHoo!  Sort of.

I'll start by saying that I'm not a big shoe person...meaning I'm not a woman that has or needs or really enjoys shoes.  I think it comes from the fact that when I was a kid my feet were wide and fat and I could never find girls shoes that fit.  Having to wear boys dress shoes isn't something that I really want to think about ever again!  Besides, I was a country girl, a barefoot country girl.  My feet are still wide, and I also have a high arch and high instep....oh, and a bunion.  Swell.  So finding shoes that fit is a challenge.  I still prefer barefeet.  But that isn't very practical, especially in Minnesota.  Anyway, boots, I wanted some.  Most women's boots come in B width.  Ha ha ha.  But I found some that I liked in a C width!  Would they work?  I had been on my feet all day, you know, the perfect time to try on shoes...or boots.  I pushed and shoved and wiggled my feet until I had them on.  Ouch.  Bummer.  But we can stretch them she said.  Really?  Sure, just come back tomorrow.  Hmm...going back meant another trip to the convention center, across town.  But I really liked them and they were wide enough, just not high enough...OK!

The next afternoon I ventured back to the Convention Center...found the boot vendor....tried them on and they didn't fit!  They seemed even worse!  Oh no, now what.  They were paid for, I loved them, I decided to take them home and see if I could find someone here that could stretch them further for me.  There is a shoe repairman right here in town.  I asked him to do what he could, stretch them as far as he was able....I picked them up a week later and guess what...they almost fit!  Almost...darn it.  But I didn't really say darn it.  I thought I could maybe break them in, but that pressure point on the top of your foot really can hurt.  Shoot.  But then, I happened to look into the boot and there was some printing on the insole.  It said "machine washable".  What, the insoles come out?  Could it be?  Yes!!  The thick and dense insoles came out.  I replaced them with thin ones and WOOHOO....these boots are made for walking!

I love my new boots.  You know how they say that the mullet hair cut is business in the front and party in the back?  My boots are sort of like a on the bottom and party on the top!  I love the stitching.  I like it that it doesn't show unless I want it to.

But most of all I'm just really glad that they now fit, are very comfortable and that I finally have some shoes that I like....even if they are boots.

The X on the front is their logo, or brand.  They are made by Twisted X Boots...and I'm not taking them off until summer.

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