Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Tropics

I took a little trip today and I want to bring you along. It's a little hidden away spot that is always tropical and warm...even during the long, cold winter. Follow me down this little trail and you'll find spring. Really. See how lush and green it is?
I know it seems a little fishy...
...palm trees in Minnesota.
What is this? Big green leaves?
Water that isn't frozen?
Let's look a little closer....nope, not frozen.
This almost looks like a flower. Can we get in really close? is a flower. Some sort of fancy orchid I'd say.
It's so toasty and warm here that the women dance around naked. I knew that would get your attention.
Oh...more palm trees. If you're from Minnesota, I bet you know where we are by now.
Beautiful tropical flowers.
So many varieties.
Even a showy lady slipper.
Are you feeling the humid warm air yet?
I'm starting to think summer may come to Minnesota eventually.
But if you just can't wait until it arrives....
...and if you can't afford to hop in a plane for some tropical might want to come here. There are azaleas blooming.
And orchids tucked in here and there.
And naked ladies dancing amongst the foliage.Beautiful from any angle.
And flowers that should really start blooming in the next week or so....the star gazer lilies are getting ready to put on a show.And the water isn't hard and white.And the flowers beg for you to stay a little bit longer.
And then there is this path...
....that brings you to a time long ago.
With running stream surrounded by green....
...and a canopy of ferns....
...ferns of every kind.
Even baby ferns that for some reason remind me of dinosaurs.
But the best part of all is the green. Green above, green below, green all around.
Green and steam. Both go a very long way in bringing spring a little closer.
Don't you feel better now? Thanks for walking with me through the Conservatory at Como Park.
If you haven't been there in person, you should go. St. Paul isn't that far! You'll be glad you did.

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