Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Sunday

Seems like it's always really cold just in time for the weekend. Just like in the summer when it seems like it only rains on the weekend. Bad luck? Perspective? I don't know, I only know that I'm tired of the cold. But the half of my glass that is full of frozen water can see that there are some good things that happen when it's cold.
Like the frost on the church windows in our little home town.
I was distracted by them during the whole sermon. I behaved myself though, I didn't get the camera until after the service. :-)
They really are beautiful, they look like ferns, or little forests. Click on one of the photos to enlarge it and see the cool details. Who needs stained glass when you have this!
The winter has also brought ice dams to my Mom's house.
Or is it that damned ice? Well...I know what my dad always called it.
It wasn't too cold for a dog reunion today. My Mom's dog is Murphy. My brother's dog Rusty (Murphy's dad) comes down through the woods to visit was one of those visits with their old dog Kelly that led to 13 puppies 6 1/2 years ago! Penny is our city dog that loves to go to the country. Here comes Penny now.
Those are snow buggers from the car in front of her, not horse manure! Aren't you glad you asked? What do you call those clumps of dirty snow/ice that accumulates behind the tires?
Here comes Rusty...he loves reunions. And he loves breakfast. And lunch. Supper too.
Here comes Murphy. He's big and lovable. If he could talk he'd say "Huh?" a lot.
They run in circles....
...they sniff each other. They chomp on each other. They tackle each other. All with pure dog glee.
And they have dog piles. Because what fun would it be to be a dog if you couldn't have a dog pile once in a while?
Hey Murphy.... "Huh?" "Are you talking to me?" "What you lookin' at?"
Then there's this guy..."uh...aren't you that food person?"
And this one...he was so hungry his drool froze his lip to his teeth. Oh, not really.

He's just horsing around. :-D Hope no one froze their tongue to the flag pole today! Try to stay warm.

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