Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hockey is Cool

You might be from Minnesota if you know what this is.
It's a Zamboni of course. I love that word. And I love watching the Zamboni go around and around smoothing out the ice. Simple pleasures.

You might also be from Minnesota if you can spot what is wrong with this picture.
Six men on the ice....they had pulled their goalie because there was only one second left in the period and they were on the opponents end of the ice.
Did you already guess that we went to the High School hockey game tonight? Neither of the boys play hockey, but it's still fun to go to a few games. Here are a few pictures from the game.
During the first period these little guys were all lined up at the glass, waiting for their big chance to play in between periods. They were so intense, and so cute! Sorry my picture is blurry.
They might be little, but they sure were serious....and did I mention cute?
This guy was either a really smooth skater, or his Dad didn't bring him to the potty before the game. Isn't he cute?
They fell down a lot....but they were even cute when they did that.
This guy could hardly stand all the cuteness. :-)
Then the big boys came back out. #7 is really good...smooth skater...handled the puck really well. Fun to watch. His Mom probably thinks he's pretty cute.Just a hockey action shot that I liked.
The bench was keeping an eye on the game. I don't know if I'd want to be a team manager for a sport where you have to wear a helmet on the bench. I bet you didn't know I was the team manager for our High School baseball team way back in the day. Well, I like baseball...and the boys were cute! There I go again.
Goalies are fun to watch. They have a lot of pressure put on them. Ours played pretty well.
This one fell down a lot. His coach probably wasn't thinking it was very cute anymore.
The home town boys won 6-1. There's nothing quite as refreshing as sitting in a cold hockey arena where the chill sort of settles deep into your bones. And you just might be from Minnesota if you believe that!

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