Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day...and the big Dance!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air. So were the Olympic Ski Jumpers. My mom's dad used to ski jump back in the day. I didn't inherit that dare devil gene! Wheee!

Enough of the Olympics, there is a dance to talk about! Brian's friend David had stayed over night, so he got ready for the dance at our house. Eric helped him with his tie.

Brian is getting the hang of tying his own, he needed just a little help, but after a couple of tries got it just right....

....Eric was ready to help if necessary.

The boys were looking good...a couple of handsome lads if I say so myself.

They were feeling sort of gangster like and had to show us their moves. Look out world, here they come. They were going to different places for dinner so they parted ways before the dance.

The dance was a Sadie Hawkins type dance where the girls ask the boys. They call the dance the Selgae Dance...which is the school mascot Eagles spelled backwards. Brian picked up his date and they went to her friends house for pictures. We were invited to come and take pictures too! So fun. Sarah is a sweet girl. Here they were getting the corsage and the boutonniere ready.

Sarah's friend had set up a back drop for photos. There were so many cameras and flashes the poor kids didn't know which way to look.

They sure looked cute together. Where did my little boy go? We got to chat with the other parents for a while, and took pictures for a while....

....and then it was time for the kids to order pizza and the parents to make themselves scarce. It sure was special that they let us be a little part of their big dance.

It reminded me of a dance many moons Junior Prom in 1979....does that young boy look familiar? So many memories.

Billy on the other hand is staying away from all of that romance stuff. He and his buddy avoided the dance....

....and spent the evening playing video games. That works for me. I'm not sure I could take having both of them all grown up and going to dances!

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