Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Birthday Boy

This cute little guy is having a birthday today...but something has changed from when this picture was taken....the cute little guy isn't so little anymore!

This is Isaac, my nephew, my brother's son. We have two nieces and one nephew on my side of the family, and two nieces and one nephew on Eric's side of the family....funny how that works.

Anyway, this is Ike. He's a good kid. He's been a good cousin to Brian...although neither of them look too sure about this cousin business.

...and he's been a good cousin to Billy....I think that he was a little more used to the whole cousin idea by the time Billy came a long.

Little did he know what being a cousin to Billy would mean! Yikes! I don't think he minded the boys too much.

Isaac played baseball while he was growing was fun for us to watch him when we could.

But my dad was one of his biggest fans. It's good to have a fan watching your dad was the best at that....for baseball and otherwise. I remember when Ike was feeling sort of bad about High School baseball coming to an end...I told him that there was always softball, and that could be fun. He gave me one of those "that's lame and for old people" looks.

Guess who's on a softball team or two now? And even though I haven't seen him play, I'm sure that he's pretty darned good. Sometimes lame old people can actually be right! Hah! :-)
Ike cleans up pretty good. Good enough that my dad had to keep an eye on him....maybe he's looking at my brother...I'm not brother can be trouble too you know.'s Isaac's birthday...I don't know where the time goes. It seems like just yesterday when he was a punk he's all grown up, ready to graduate from college and take on the world. Look out world!

Happy Birthday Isaac....and just so you know, your lame old aunt thinks you're pretty cool.

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