Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Shower

Saturday was the day of the baby shower that we had for my niece Stephanie. Remember the invitations? Oh Baby!

Stephanie has less than a month to go before the baby comes. Nothing like a baby on the way to make the days s...l....o...w... d....o....w....n! Every day crawls by for the pregnant mom! It did for me anyway. The fact that both of my boys were born well past their due dates did not help. Those darned kids start controlling your life even before they are born! :-) And it's worth every minute.
Here is Stephanie with her cake. One of her Aunts on her mom's side was in charge of the cake, another Aunt was in charge of the food, I did the invitations and paper products. It's nice to have a lot of Aunts to spread the fun!

This is a picture of Stephanie with her mother-in-law, her mom, and her grandma (my mom). Baby's dad's mom, baby's mom's mom, baby's mom, baby's mom's dad's mom. Whew! It takes a lot of mom's to bring one little baby into this world. :-)

The shower was fun. It was in the basement of the church where Eric and I got married. Here is part of the crew that was there. I really just included this picture to show the clothesline with little bitty baby clothes that I hung up for a decoration. I was so proud of myself for coming up with the idea of combining a gift for the baby and a decoration...then one of the ladies that was at the shower said, "oh, they had something like that at the last shower I went to." much for an original idea! Oh well, it was cute and fun to do anyway. The birds that are holding the clothesline match the ones that were in the invitation. Tweet.

I thought that it would be more fun if everyone brought their gifts up to Stephanie, rather than having one person hand all of them to her. So we did. And when everyone brought their gift up, I took their picture....and when I took a gift up for her, someone took our picture. I hope that Steph can still see after all of that flashing! But at least she'll always remember who was there.

Baby things have changed so much since Brian and Billy were doesn't seem like it was that long ago! Such cute gifts, soft fuzzy outfits, a video monitor, a pack -n- play, blankets, diapers, a few toys, a very cool diaper bag...and at least 4 thermometers. No worries about knowing what the babies temperature is!

Cute little socks and mitties...the baby will be set!

A mother's love, there isn't anything quite like it in this world. Stephanie is about to find out what it's all about....

...and if she's anything like me, the love that she'll have for this new little baby will make it all crystal clear to her as to how much her parents truly love her. Most people do know that their parents love them, it's not's just hard to fully comprehend how much love there is for a child until you are holding a babe of your own in your arms. It's a beautiful thing.

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