Thursday, February 25, 2010


There was a special delivery at our house today. My softball team mate Regina stopped by with our Girl Scout cookies. Yum! There aren't very many in a box, they're usually over priced, they have lots of fat...but I don't care, I like them anyway. Regina's daughter Jackie sold the most in her troop. The troops goal was to sell 150 boxes, and if they did they could go horseback riding. Jackie sold over 200 boxes alone! I would have bought more if I knew that it was so they could ride horse! Lots more. Good thing I didn't know.

The Olympics are winding down. I'm not sure that I've liked the coverage. It seems so choppy. I wish I had seen the women's hockey gold medal game. Silver isn't half bad! Here are a few of the remaining symbols....the Skeleton. Head first...scary!

Speed skating. Go Apollo! What a crazy bump and tumble sport.

And the freestyle like having my feet between me and the ground.

The scary fast downhill skiers. I'd probably close my eyes and then crash. that is something I could maybe handle! Except for the sweeping part....because that would be too much like housework. Everyone knows that housework is hazardous!

I have the women's figure skater left...and if I'm feeling ambitious I'll make one for hockey...because I should have one. But those will be for tomorrow. Tomorrow....hopefully the snow in Cleveland won't delay Eric's flight home.
I'm off to watch skating....go USA!

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