Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17th

Less than a week ago I brought home a "Watch 'Em" grow basket. It looked like this.

Six days later and look what it's done! It's growing faster than my boys...and that is fast!! I think that it likes the warm sunshine that comes in my South facing window. I have fun checking on it every day.

I've been enjoying the Olympics. The men's figure skating was a little swooshy for me, but it's still fun to watch. Last night they had the women's snowboardcross, tonight it's the men in that half pipe thing. I think it's cool that they've added such a daring sport...I wonder what it feels like to be able to fly? The story of Lindsey Jacobellis really touched me for some reason. She was the girl with the big blue eyes and blond curls that had the gold medal all wrapped up in 2006 and then grabbed her snow board, hot dogging it up over the last jump...and crashed only to come in 2nd. can you fault a teenager for showing her jubilation and showing off a bit in winning a huge race in front of the world? Hind sight can be tough. Then the 4 year wait to redeem herself...only to veer off the course yesterday and get disqualified in the semi-final qualifying race. Oh...the agony of defeat.

She said that it was a bummer that the only two races that the world has seen her in were bad. I missed it, but heard that she hot dogged the last jump of the race where she had been disqualified, doing a "truck-driver grab" and sticking it....just because she wanted to have some fun in a bad situation. With the passion for her sport and a spirit like that, I'd say she'll bounce back just fine. You go Lindsey! Four more years will pass before you know it.

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