Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ailing Computer

I had some things that I had thought of to blog about yesterday...and then my poor computer got sick. I was ready to try dumping some soup in the keyboard, but maintained my cool and finally, with some help from Eric, fixed the darned thing. I was attacked by the XP Guardian 2010 virus. Apparently it was widespread over the last couple of source of it was the Startribune. Some detective work, some Malwarebytes virus scans, some over the phone and over the web help from my amazing husband...who happens to be out of town...and I'm up and running again. I am very grateful for having my very own 24/7 computer guy.

I was going to do a post about my boys...not Brian and Billy....these boys. Skylar and Czar. Maybe tomorrow. "What cha' lookin' at guys?"

My Watch 'em grow pot is starting to bloom! Crazy how fast it has been growing and changing. This purple crocus was the first to blossom. It's so fun to watch.

The second one, a day later, was this pretty yellow daffodil. I have my own little pot of spring in my house. I'm a little sad though...I think my camera is getting worse again. Things aren't as crisp as they should be. Sick computer, tired camera, what's a girl to do? Photoshop is my friend to give my tired photos a little boost.

This skittish rabbit was under my feeder yesterday. I took the picture through the window in my back door. I liked how the late afternoon sun was shining on him. Or her. How can you tell with a rabbit? I guess I don't need to know.

This picture is from today. Another crocus. There are three hyacinths too....a white, a pink, and a purple. I haven't been able to get a good picture of them. My camera sees them and says "huh?" But they sure smell good! My house smells like hyacinths and pancakes from supper yesterday. Nothing like stale pancake smell. Hopefully by tomorrow the hyacinths will be fully opened and will take over the smell.

My favorite blog...The Pioneer having a photography contest this week. She was looking for dog pictures. I couldn't resist sending in this old one of the boys and the puppies that were at the farm. She didn't pick it, but someone left a nice comment on it about it being cute. I love it...and that's enough for me.

Unless she's giving away a new camera...then I wish I had won!

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