Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th - This and That

It's sort of a busy weekend around here, so today's post will kind of bounce here and there and no where...kind of like the day.

I'll start with the opening ceremony! Creativity + Technology = Incredible. On a sad note, hearing of the Georgian Luge racers death in a training run was heart wrenching. A young man with his whole future in front of him with his life cut short. Tragic. Was it because the track is too fast? Was it because the athletes are pushing themselves to their limits and beyond? Does any of that matter? So many of the Winter Olympic sports are dangerous...the skiing, the ski jumping, the sledding events....even the figure skating. I just know that I wouldn't put my backside on a rocket sled and fly down an icy shoot! I think curling would be more my speed if I were to try one. Anyway, in honor of the lost life on the luge, I'll start with the luge symbol that I did in school way back when. All of the symbols are black and white illustrator drawings using snow flakes to show movement. Whoosh.

On to other things. Did you get outside this morning? It was a winter wonderland with all of the hoar frost coating every stick and twig. Love it! I took a few pictures. I'll intersperse my other stuff in with the frost pictures....because the frost speaks for itself and I don't have pictures of the other stuff. And my day and my head are bouncing around that way today. I think I need more coffee.

Yesterday was our friend Bob's birthday. Happy Birthday Bob! We took him out to Applebee's. I like Applebee's....and amazingly everyone in the family does....Bob too. Sometimes it's hard to find a restaurant that makes everyone equally happy. Applebee's is one of them. After dinner Bob came over and we watched the opening ceremonies. Then Brian had some friends over....some overnight friends over. My house has 4 teenage boys in it this morning. I think I need some more coffee.

There is a big dance at the High School tonight. A Sadie Hawkin's type where the girls ask the boys. It's the first dance Brian has been excited about going to. Funny how having a girl friend changes how teenage boys see everything.

Side note: The picture below is a close up of the one above. I love the frozen snowflake / frost on the left side of the frosty berry.
Brian decided he wanted to wear a suit to the dance, so we went shopping. Thank heavens for Kohl's and their 60% off rack...and for slender teenage boys that can fit into the clothes that are on the 60% off rack. Yikes. Then I had the honor of ordering the corsage for him to give to her...the corsage cost more than the on-sale suit pants. Seriously?!?

Having a sweet heart dance on Valentine's weekend might not be the best of far as buying corsages goes anyway! But it's so romantic and fun for the kids. He and his date are going with a few other couples, we were invited to one of the girl's homes to take pre-dance photos. Gussied up boys and girls in dresses with fancy hair and make-up. So much excitement! Where the heck is my coffee.

On another note, there was a health scare in my mom's family this last week. The family didn't want details spread all about, but I can say that someone very dear to me had what was thought to be a stroke and was hospitalized with some very scary symptoms. After further examination they found out that it was a brain tumor. The tumor has been removed, the symptoms are abating, and things are looking so much better than they had originally. Still some struggles ahead for them. I'm only mentioning it to ask for prayers for their family...and as a reminder that our lives are so fragile. Embrace every day.

Back to the boys. Last night Brian had two friends over night. Tonight Billy will have two friends overnight. There seems to be plans forming for Monday since they don't have school. One of the few weekends that I'm home all weekend and my house is continually filled with teenage boys. Ack! Coffee...lots of coffee.

Their friends are good kids, it's nice to have them around, I'm not complaining....but it's busy. And noisy. And they eat a lot. And I haven't gotten my housework done in a really long time. But that's ok, that can wait. Coffee on the other hand, can't!

When I was ordering the corsage for Brian, for his girl yesterday I bought myself a "Watch 'Em" grow pot. One of my very favorite things. Bulbs in soil, growing, growing, growing and then blooming. Big fragrant flowery blossoms. Ahhh. A hint of spring while we are buried under thigh high snowbanks.

The "Watch 'Em" grow pot gave me an idea. Here's a hint....

...but that's all I'm going to say about that for now. I think I better go and find the bottom of my laundry pile. And figure out what to feed the beasts...because I'm sure that they'll be starving again really soon. But

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