Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Huntress

There is a wild beast that lives in my house. And no, I don't mean Eric or the boys. The wild beast is Molly, our cat.

Sure, she might look like a regular old house cat...sort of like a barn cat actually....but deep in her soul a wild beast lurks, just waiting to pounce.

When she is awake, she is on full alert. Up on any perch to be able to see out the window....

...what's that? Wait, what's over there? Something moved, must see it.

Full alert, there are birds and bunnies and squirrels to keep an eye on.

Man...that is a really large furry thing rolling around in the snow...what in the heck is it....'s just the dog. I was thinking I'd be eatin' real good tonight if I could only get out of this house and catch that thing...

....hey human, would you please get off that computer and let me out of this house?

I've got big game to catch! Cats...they are really just little tigers waiting to get out you know. Meow.

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