Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Pictures

I'm behind on my blog again! I'm behind on uploading my daily photos too. Something about two birthdays, Thanksgiving here, a football game and going out of town for the weekend to round out the week...and all of a sudden I'm behind.'s picture time.

One last flower blooming in my garden on my birthday, November 24th....the weather has been warmer than normal this month. It is warm one month, then colder than normal the next. December worries me.

Sunflowers before I made my Thanksgiving table top bouquet.

Thanksgiving Table.

More sunflowers. We had a lazy morning on Friday, then went to the championship football game in the evening. Our team lost...but 2nd in state can't be sneezed at!

Sunset by the farm on Saturday. I was in the pickup on my way to get hay...I pulled over when I saw the sunset, opened the window and took the picture over the heads of the dogs. Glad I got what I did!
A snowy surprise on Sunday morning. It didn't last long, but it sure was pretty.

Tonight's sunset. I only get bits and pieces of it from my yard and I didn't feel like driving...but I like the silhouettes of the trees and buildings....and the color of the sky!

So...mostly photos for today. Hopefully I'll get back into the blogging groove soon...I have pictures of Brian that I want to embarrass him with!! Soon.

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