Friday, November 13, 2009


This is Molly. She likes to nap during the day. She especially likes to nap on the boys beds. I think that she likes the little nest that she can make when their beds are unmade....and they usually are unmade.

Sometimes she likes to run out the door at night, and then she spends the night prowling around. The following day is when she really likes to nap. Those are the days that I like to go in and pester her...and holler at her and say "hey cat, wake up!" And she does. And she usually isn't happy. Then I warn her about all that can happen if you stay up all night carousing around and then sleep all day....

...I told her that her reputation would be ruined! I told her that nothing good can happen in the night, that there are bad characters lurking about at night, that laziness breeds contempt. And then I told her that "The lazy cat aims at nothing, and generally hits it!" Ah Ha...that one seemed to get her attention. Get up you lazy cat!

She's thinking that she will, pretty soon....

....but she wants to sleep on it first.

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