Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Number One Son - part 1

Last week my oldest boy Brian had a birthday. Last week I promised pictures of that boy...and here they are! I have trouble narrowing down pictures, so I'll break this post up into two parts. Part one covers the first 10 years.

Barb, Eric and Bill with Brian on Eric's birthday...Brian was 3 weeks old.

Brian Eric Young - 3 months old.
Brian with Grandpa Pete, about 6 months old. Brian loved tractors!

Brian showing grandpa Pete his brand new farming boots. I'm not sure which one was more enthused.

Farming is tough work.

Eric and Brian raking the yard...almost 2.

Brian - 2 years old.

Brian giving his little brother a tractor ride ~ 2 1/2.

Brian in the combine tire at the farm. Of course.

Billy and Brian with favorite little hayseeds.

Brian reading an airplane book at the cabin.

Brian's school picture - First Grade.

Looking for clams in the river at the cabin.

Brian in his football uniform - 5th grade. Football wasn't his thing, but he looked so cute in this picture that I had to include it.

Brian and Billy with grandma and grandpa Dibble's puppies....October 2002. The boys wanted to keep them all.

Watching Brian grow from a baby to a little boy has brought so much fun and joy into our lives. He went through so many fun stages. The tractor loving farming stage, then dinosaurs, legos, and then airplanes. When he discovered something that interested him, he dove in and found out every detail and fact that he could find. He still does. More pictures tomorrow.

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