Monday, November 16, 2009

Florida Day 3

Day 3 of our girls weekend in Florida was just a little tiny bit busier than the first two...but not too much. We had another beautiful weather day...a perfect day for a boat tour in the bay that is between our island and the main land of Florida. This beautiful creature greeted us at the pier. Hello there.

This shack was in the harbor where we caught the boat. We were hoping to see birds, manatees, and dolphins.

We weren't disappointed. Here is a manatee. We saw quite a with a calf. They were fun to see, but hard to take pictures of.

We went on Captain Kathe's boat...her first mate is this little sweety....Pup pup. Pup pup kept a look out for the Manatee.

She was a good look is a manatee nose!

Pup pup has a new brother...Skipper. He was about 9 months old and cute as a button.

The manatee were swimming in a canal that was in between some fabulous homes. We got to see manatee and we got to see how rich people live!

There were lots of birds along the way. Here's one....

...and here are some Pelican's on "Bird Island".

We were out for about 2 hours, then we docked at a pier with a Fish Shack. This Heron swooped in and landed on the roof of the shack.

The Star Fish Company was a great spot for lunch.

Then it was time to head back to our beach and our cute familiar birds.

And our last sunset before we head back home.

I feel so blessed to be here in such a beautiful place with perfect weather and the relaxing days and evenings ....
....and it's all made even more special spending the time with some wonderful friends. Life is good, very, very good.

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