Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Boys Birthday

Today is Brian's birthday. 17 years ago today this handsome little man was born. Our lives were changed only good ways. I had planned on pulling together a group of photos of him to show how he has grown....but with the scurrying around to get ready for Thanksgiving Day I ran out of time. So for now, a little teaser.

This is Brian when he was about 6 months old, in the summer of 1993. Our wonderful oldest boy. Brian...thanks for your patience as you taught us how to be parents. You've grown into a young man that makes us more proud with each passing day. I'll embarrass you with your photos early next week.
Love you,


I'm adding this after the fact....I had scrolled down and noticed my picture, probably taken at about 6 months like Brian's was....and thought that it might be interesting to see them side by side. I guess that I can't claim that he isn't mine. What do you think?

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