Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favorite Time of Day

One of the biggest perks of working from home is that I get to be here for my favorite time of the day. My favorite time of day is when that big yellow bus stops at the corner in the afternoon and drops off my boys. Hey Billy...it's chilly and raining....where is your jacket?? Aren't you so happy to see me??

No, you were smiling at the dog? Hmmph. I guess I know where I rate!! Hey, who is that coming up behind you??

Hi Brian!! Are you happy to see me?? No, you just want to get in out of the rain? Maybe it isn't my favorite time of day afterall. Well, thanks for getting the mail anyway! They are always happy to get home, I'll just pretend that it's better because I am there to greet them.

On a different note...this is Molly the cat. She has adopted Billy's Halloween afro wig as her own. She loves to lay on it, to groom it....and she pushes on it with her front paws like a nursing kitten.

It's hilarious and sort of creepy all at the same time. I think that she's in love.

I'm just glad that she didn't discover it when it was on Billy's head...it would have been sort of awkward to go trick or treating with a cat on his head! Silly cat.

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