Monday, November 23, 2009

Hunting Season

It's hunting season in my house. Not as in game hunting...hunting as in searching to find things. I am searching for the right recipes. I'm searching in this cupboard and on the internet.

And soon I'll be searching for the right ingredients. And trying to find the right utensils. Trying to find places to put things as I clean. Searching for the good table cloths and napkins. Searching for my boys who disappear when the words "time to clean your rooms" come across my lips. Searching for the energy and time to get it done and to do it right. What does all this mean anyways? It means that it is almost Thanksgiving and I'm not ready for it to be! And we are having it here. Sigh. Where has November gone? Thanksgiving and my birthday is this week and Brian's birthday this week. I am not ready....I guess I still have some hunting to do! Oye.

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