Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Football Playoffs

I've been slacking in my blogging again. No excuses, just slacking. Last Friday Eric returned from a week in France and Germany. His plane landed, we had a quick supper and I said guess what...we are going to a High School football game! I told him it would be good for his jet lag to sit outside for a couple of hours. He's a good sport. It was a beautiful evening, right around 60 degrees.

The High School that the boys go to is well known for having a good football team. There are a lot of guys on the team. I think that there are more guys on the team than the population of the town where I grew up. Well, maybe not, but there are a lot.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it was night and dark and...well, you get the idea. It was the section finals, lots of fans in the stands!

The cheerleaders were cheering....and tossing each other around.

Holy Smokes...be careful! Don't drop anyone! Man, I am glad that I have boys that play safe sports like football and soccer. This cheer leading thing is scary!

But they sure seem to have fun. At half time the Eden Prairie dance line came out and performed. They were the only team from Minnesota to perform in the National Competition early in the year, and they won! I like how the cheerleaders take a front and center seat to support them.

I don't know much about dance or pom squads, but they perform to music and are really synchronized....and practice for hours. It's fun to watch. READY, SET GO....

Watch out girls, there's a SNAKE! EEK! No, not really, they just all jumped at once.

Sometimes when they do their high kicks they get off line and clock the girl next to them...bouff...ugh. No, not really, it's all a part of the routine.

And after some kicks and spins and other moves, it's done. Take a bow girls...you deserve it.

OK...back to the football game. The team was playing Minnetonka, a neighboring school.

The guys played well. The coach from Minnetonka was trying to, um, encourage his players.

Every time the Eagles scored, the cheerleaders ran past with the school flags. If I had been a cheerleader I'd have wanted to carry the flag with the "P"...for Pat silly.

After each score, when they were done running with the flags, the girls would drop and do a push up for every point. High scoring games are a bummer for them!

The game went on as the moon came up.....

Our team held them to no points until the final minutes...but in the end, Minnetonka's one touch down didn't matter...the Eagles won.

On to the regional play-off game this coming Friday at the Metrodome. They are playing Wayzata, another neighboring school. The game will determine which team goes to the State tournament....it's a big game. Go Eagles!

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