Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finding Light

With busy days and early sunsets it's been sort of tough to remember to take my photo of the day before the sun goes down. The last few days I've had to go out and find some light. Friday night I found some Christmas lights. It's too early to turn lights on...let's celebrate Thanksgiving first. Thank you. Anyway, blue Christmas lights....before Thanksgiving.

Saturday was spent doing some work in the barn at my mom's place. We had to run and get some plywood...I grabbed the camera and caught the sun before it set. Not quite the same as a sunset over the ocean, but it will do.
Today was a lazy day. Church, football, yeah Vikes!!!...and umm...that's about all. Before I knew it the sun had set and I hadn't taken a picture. Hmm. Had to find some light again.
Candles in a couple of my grandma's Ball jars with blue marbles.....I like it...

...I like finding new uses for old things. My birthday is next week. Maybe someone can find a new use for old me. Any suggestions? :-P

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