Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Box Night

Sunday morning when we went to church we were greeted by these crazy kids in boxes. What in the world are they doing in boxes?

Well, it was box night. The youth of the church spent a night sleeping outside in boxes to raise awareness and money for the homeless people in our society. Billy thought that it sounded like fun! Here's his box. Long and narrow.

The kids lucked out, they had an unseasonably warm night for November in Minnesota. It got down to around 40 degrees. Billy said that the only thing that was cold were his feet.

There were about 25 kids and a few adults that spent the night outside. In the morning they collected donation from the members of the church.

After the first service they had collected around $2000.00....a pretty nice reward for spending the night outside....but I think that the lessons learned about how some people have to live were the biggest reward of all.

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