Thursday, November 12, 2009

My buddy Czar

Eric and I spent some time at the farm on Saturday. We are trying to clear some things out of the barn so the horses will have a better place to go during the cold days that are bound to be coming. It was another beautiful day. Our weather has been so strange, each month it changes on about the 1st of the month. September, record warmth, October record cold and rain, November higher than normal temps. Odd. Anyway, we are trying to get ready for winter....and the horses need a better place to get out of the cold.

A lot of the time was spent working, but there is always time to be spent just enjoying the horses. This is Czar. He gets the short end of the stick when it comes to pictures. He had an injury to his eye when he was a yearling, it left him with a partially missing eye doesn't seem to bother him, it just isn't very pretty. Poor boy. Czar is the horse that my dad always rode. He's a sweet, lovable boy.

My other horse picks on him, he doesn't deserve that. So when we visit we always make sure to give him some extra lovin'....because that's something he does deserve! What a good boy.

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