Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Garage ~ Before and After

One of my excuses for getting behind with my blogging is that Eric and I took on the project of scraping and then painting my mom's garage.  The scraping part wasn't much fun.  It had been a long, long time since the garage had gotten a coat of paint.  The upper 1/3rd wasn't as bad as the lower.  The back of the garage facing the South was the worst.

Labor Day weekend we scraped.  The next weekend we painted a bit when we could...the weather didn't co-operate on a few of the days.  And then there were a few issues with the paint being the wrong color.  And the day that my mom decided to wash down the garage doors right before we were going to paint them.  Painting wet wood didn't seem like a good idea, so it meant another trip to the farm to finish it up.  But all in all I think it was worth it!  This shot was taken with some of the evening sun shining on the West side of the garage.

And this one after the sun went behind the hill so the color of the paint showed through.  It needed to be done, and it sure looks better.  But the weekends spent on that project put me a little behind at home!

 I'm looking forward to catching up...until someone else finds a "project" that I need to do!  Thanks for stopping by.

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