Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Loving the Colors

Autumn seems to bring out beautiful colors everywhere, even in the sky.  We had delayed one of our garage painting trips to Taylors Falls because a storm was coming through.  We arrived in town shortly after the storm broke, but the clouds were still hanging around catching the last rays of sun from the day.  We took a quick trip to the scenic overlook and were treated to one of the prettiest skies of the summer!  Even the river was pink.

I took a few pictures and spliced them together in photoshop, one shot couldn't take it all in.  Isn't it spectacular!?!

That night we stayed at the cabin, the sky was so clear after the rain, the stars were sparkling.  I decided to try another shot of the river at night, only this one was a few hours after the sun had set.  It was dark!  But I got the big dipper, and you can see the river.  A nice end to a rainy day.

Here's a similar shot at the river the next morning.  Pretty fall colors starting to show.

Sometimes you just have to look up!

Later that day we finished painting the garage and I celebrated with a little ride on my favorite guy. Next summer I'm making more time to ride, and that's all I have to say about that!

I don't think Czar believes me.  I'll show him!

There are still some blossoms in the garden.

The grocery store bouquets are mostly in fall colors now.  Aren't they pretty!?!

And after a dry few months, the rain seems to have returned.  Raindrops on roses...or not.

Next up on Pat's Patunia Patch is our little trip up North.  I hope you'll stop back!

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