Friday, October 17, 2014

Just Some Photos

Just a few of my photos of the day.  I've got some cleaning to do before Billy arrives with his posse of college buddies for the weekend.  Cleaning and cooking!  I'm looking forward to seeing him.  Speaking of Billy, here is the view from his bedroom.  The maple keeps getting more and more colorful.  It glows when we walk past his room.

The poplar tree next to my bedroom window is changing too.  I love to listen to the leaves rustling.

Greta decided to take a catnap on Billy's bed.  I think that she was admiring the view of the tree.  Or looking at a bird.

Yesterday Eric talked me into sneaking away for a few hours of golf.  It was a gorgeous 70 + degrees...probably the last one of the season.  Sometimes you just have to drop what you are doing and enjoy the day.  I'm so glad that we did.  This is one of the winding paths in the woods between holes.

Colder temps were here by time for a cool weekend.  I think having a house full of college boys will make the weather outside go by unnoticed.  I hope you have a fun weekend ahead.  Thanks for stopping by!

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