Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Fall Golf Day

Earlier this summer I bought a groupon coupon for a round of golf at the course where I play with my lady friends.  Our plan was to golf with our friend Bob and our youngest son Billy.  Well, between baseball and other things keeping us busy, we never made it out there during the summer. But the forecast for Friday looked promising, so we kidnapped Bob and made him go with us!  Bob works a lot...getting him to take an afternoon off was quite a feat.

Unfortunately the coupon expired in September. Rats.  But luckily, they still honored it, gave us the fall rates and gave me a voucher for ladies league next summer to make up the difference of what the round cost and what we had paid for the groupon.  What a great deal!

It was 50 degrees, but the sun made it feel warmer.  The trees were gorgeous.  Pretty leaves falling and golf balls don't always work very well, but we didn't lose too many balls.

I think Eric was showing Bob the way here.  Not really sure.

It looks like Eric had a good shot!  It was a fun day, Bob hadn't golfed in a few years and I think getting out there has him thinking about it again.

Isn't this tree amazing?  I'm not sure what happened to me at the beginning of our round, I was playing better than I ever have in my life.  One over par after 5 holes.  And then I started thinking about it too know...the best round of your life type thoughts....and then I slipped back into my normal game.  Shucks.  But those pars and that birdie will give me something fun to think about when the snow flies.  And make me want to get back out there in the spring!

There's a T-shirt about golf that sums it up so says: "I hate this game, I hate this game, I hate this game, Nice shot, I love this game!"  Yup, that one good shot can change everything!

The course where we golfed is out in the country a ways.  I love the scenery there.  It's even prettier in the fall.

Not many people can say that they were golfing on the back nine when the beans were being combined!

It was a pretty day.  I hope you can get out and enjoy the pretty days where you are!  Thanks for stopping by.

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