Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Around the Block

 On Sunday, before we went to the farm, we stopped at Eric's parents home for lunch and to watch the Vikings game.  It was a beautiful afternoon, there was a little time before lunch, and the Vikings just aren't very interesting to me I took a walk around the block.  I'm so glad that I did!

Eric's parents live on a block above Taylors Falls called the "Angel Hill" district.  It's beautiful anytime of the year, but the colors in Autumn really make it shine.  Most of the homes are very old, and kept up very well.  Almost all of them are done in the Greek Revival style and are painted white with green trim.  Very pretty.

During my walk the Life Link helicopter went directly over me.  I said a little prayer for the person aboard, their family and the crew.  I always do when I see an ambulance too.  It's hard knowing that someone is hurting and that their life may be changing...even it if it's a stranger.  So I say a prayer and hope it helps.

Anyway, back to my walk.  Part way down the hill is the Historic Folsom house.  A lumber baron, one of the early settlers in the town.  It's maintained by the MN Historical society.  Here's a link:  I worked there one summer after High School as a tour guide.

It's surrounded by beautiful yellow maples.

The Folsom's donated land to the United Methodist Church.  It was built in 1861.  It's the oldest Methodist Church still being used in Minnesota.  My grandma went to Sunday school there.  It's the church where Eric and I were married.  I'll end my history lesson with that!

On around the block...glorious maple trees, glowing golden leaves reflecting in window panes that have seen well over one hundred seasons on a beautiful day.  So much nicer than being inside and watching the Vikings lose.

Orange leaves and the blue, blue sky.

Glowing leaves.

I remember when this big house was brought into the neighborhood in the 1960's...or early 70's...I don't remember which.  It's never quite looked settled to me...and I think it's because there has never been a sidewalk added to the front door.  Sidewalks are important!  There is another house on the block that was moved in that doesn't look anchored sidewalk.

But it was a day to be looking up at the beautiful leaves, not worrying about sidewalks or the lack of sidewalks.  Autumn leaves.

And before I knew it, I was back to where I started.  It was a perfect day for a walk around the block. Thanks for stopping by.

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