Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There was a little bit of fun here last weekend. The doorbell rang at about 11:30 a.m. Brian looked out his bedroom window just in time to see two young girls hop into their car and drive away. Hmmm. Billy decided to check it out and see what all the commotion was about. What is that out on our step?

It's a box that says "Billy" on it! Can you lift it Billy? Is it that heavy? What could it be?

What do you think it is Billy? Who do you think it's from? Why are you smiling?

Hot pink duct tape that says "Boy, you be poppin'" What is that all about?

Open it Billy, come on, hurry up! We want to see!!! Balloons? Black and red balloons. Hmmm.

Hey...there is something inside of the balloons! Boy, you better get poppin!

A pen...good idea....pop it Billy, pop it!

Don't you just hate that instant right before the balloon pops? It's going to be loud, it might hurt, and even though you are ready for it you jump when it goes....BANG!
What is it?'s a clue. There is a "L" written on a red heart.

Come on Billy....pop the next one!'s a black one....pop it....pop it!


A couple of e's, an s....what could it be?? Eight balloons to pop......

....come on Billy....what does it spell?

SELGAES?'s the school mascot "Eagles" spelled backwards with an "S" in front. "S" as in Sadie Hawkins in the school dance where the girls ask the boys to the dance.

Billy...did you just get asked to the dance?? It looks like you did! How fun, how exciting!

But Billy...who asked you? What? You don't know??

Oh No! That sounds like big trouble to Molly.

He was just kidding. Billy said "yes" to his sweet friend Anna. The dance is in a couple of weeks. I better help the boy buy a corsage. It's so fun having teenagers in the house!
On another was a busy work day for me today...I didn't get one thing done around the house. Just as it should be!
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Covenant Lights by Dorothy said...

So fun! Have a great time at the dance, Billy.