Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 and Tulips on my Table

Do you notice dates like today? 1-11-11. I noticed mostly because it reminded me of a joke my dad used to tell. It's an oldie, it goes like this:

Truck Driver: Is this dock one, one, one, one?
Man on Phone: No, this is dock eleven, eleven.
Truck Driver: Oh, sorry to disturb you
Man on Phone: That's ok, I had to get up to answer the phone anyway.

I think it was the way that he told it that made it funny.

I was feeling a little wistful about when the boys were small yesterday, not sure why. No reason I guess, but it inspired me to take a photo of this little statue for my photo of the day. There's nothing like the feeling of snuggling with your babies. Such a fleeting time.

On another note, we had a co-ed volleyball match last night. I was feeling sort of tired and too lazy to play...but we went and moving around helped that lazy feeling go away. For some unknown reason my hitting was working pretty well...good enough for the other team to discuss the possibility of bringing their 3rd guy up from the back row to block me. That's not legal in our league. Sorry guys, sometimes old women rock! And then they are stiff and sore the next day...but it felt good while it lasted. :-)

After our game we went to the grocery store. We call it a date and then it isn't quite so tedious. The best kind of dates are the ones where you get flowers. And I did! Tulips.

Tulips on my table. There aren't many things that say spring to me like tulips do. We are in the dead of winter, but there is spring in my kitchen. It's cold and snowy outside...
...we've had snow on 32 of the last 42 days. I think I need some spring. A little heat and some sunshine would be nice too.

But for now, the tulips will have to do. I hope you can find some spring in your part of the world!

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