Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little Color

Winter is here in full force. If it's not snowing it's cold. If it's not cold it's snowing. Right now it's cold and windy and getting colder for the weekend. The snow isn't bad, the cold I could do without. But it's nice and warm inside. Warm enough for this to happen.... cactus is blooming! My poor neglected little cactus. I have two of them, one is possibly older than I am, it came from Eric's grandmother. It's seen better days, but it's hanging in there. I need to take better care of it. This one is old too...from my college days. It needs re-potting. It's seen better days too. I've been thinking about re-potting both of them in a nice pot together. I've been thinking about it for a long time...maybe it's time to focus and get that done! Just to let it know that I appreciate the little spot of color it brings around this time of year!

On another note, I found some of the bird feeders in the house last night....Eric had brought them in because they were frozen shut and he couldn't fill them until they were thawed out.

I think that going to that much trouble to take care of the birds says a lot about a guy...and all of it is good! He has a very tender heart.

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