Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyday Stuff

Life is pretty simple around here most of the time. I realized the other day that I don't take many pictures of our everyday life. So I'm going to try harder to do that...boring as it is. This is a typical supper for us. Lasagna...yum. Everyone pretty much has a set place at the table, nobody decided this, it just sort of happened. Unfortunately for Brian, he got the cold spot. I don't think that the insulation is very good under the bay's one of those things we've been meaning to fix. The floor under him is ice cold, the windows are drafty. Brrr.

I mentioned that adding insulation there was something we had to get done this summer. Brian said something to the effect that we might as well not bother, this was his last winter he'd be sitting there anyway. Ugh. Now there was a slap of reality that I wasn't ready to hear from my High School Senior. So I went and howled at the moon. Not really, it was just so cold that the sky was extra clear last night making it perfect to get a picture of the full moon. I only howled about how dang cold it was!

I got such a nice email from a friend today, just because. She said she liked seeing Molly on my her she is....Molly. I work from home, some days, especially lately, I haven't been very I use my time wisely and pester the cat. Hey cat...where are you??? Aha...there she is, sleeping in Billy's room.

Huh...what? Cat...wake up!

Dang humans...can't they find something better to do than interrupt my nap??

Oh...what is that bright light out there? The sun? It's daytime? I should be sleeping!

Hey Molly...want me to rub your belly? I should think not!

Just a little tickle...such a good kitty.....

Hey...ouch! Put those claws in, no biting! Molly bit me and that really huwrt! Seriously, she was going for blood. Darned cat.

Hum....I guess that means you should just let sleeping cats lie. Or is that dogs? Molly, not the friendliest beast around...but that just makes it more fun to wake her up.

On second thought....I think I better lock my bedroom door tonight...she looks like she's thinking about revenge!
And yes, I am feeling a little house bound, why do you ask? -19 by morning with wind chills to -30 degrees. Time to find some extra quilts.
And time to say a prayer for those that don't have a warm spot to call their own. Stay warm.

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