Monday, January 3, 2011

A late Christmas

We had a late Christmas / New Year's celebration with a good friend on New Year's day. It feels a little strange to post about Christmas in early January...but the trees still up so what the heck. The tree is holding up pretty well by the way...but I think it will be coming down tomorrow. If you look closely, you can see some unopened packages under the tree. Our friend Bob came over bearing gifts.

What does a bachelor bring to teen aged boys for Christmas?? Guns...that's what! Airsoft for Billy...

...and one for Brian. Happy boys! When looking for gifts for teenagers I guess it pays to be a kid at heart. They weren't smiling nearly as much when they opened the clothes that I got them.

But the boys weren't the only ones smiling...Bob brought a gift for Eric too...a laser golf site thing-a-ma-gig. It must have been cool...because Eric is smiling pretty big too! What, you didn't like that shirt I got ya??

But they weren't the only ones smiling...Bob brought me my very own GPS system. I was holding the camera so a web shot of it has to do....but I was smiling too!

We all thought that he got us too much...but as most people know it's the giver that gets the joy when giving the perfect gifts. I think Bob's smile was biggest! Ummm....hey Bob, how'd you like those gloves that we got you?? Whew...glad that wasn't the only gift that we gave!

Can you feel the excitement radiating off of Brian?? Penny wanted to see what was so exciting.

Billy is looking a little to natural with his "airsoft" gun. He's pretty happy too.

I seem to be saying "not in the house" more than ever lately.

Bob brought Penny a gift too. She loves her new baby. Squeak!

Bob even remembered Molly. Hey Molly....what did you get??

Notice the claws...Molly....chill, no one is taking your gift!

Celebrating Christmas with a dear friend, it's wonderful no matter how late it is...and it would have been wonderful no matter what the gifts were...because it's the gift of friendship that matters most. But man...Bob, your gifts rocked!!
01-03-11 Gratitude: Today I am thankful for dear friends, one last day of Christmas break for the boys and having a simple supper around our kitchen table.
What are you grateful for?

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