Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mostly Tulips

Winter is getting old, cold, and way too long. Sometimes simple things like buying tulips from the grocery store help put a bright spot in the dark days of winter. Last week I bought yellow and orange tulips. Then I put them in 3 Ball jars and put them in the rooms I spend the most time in. Tulips....ahhhhh.

It was a good day for a little spring cleaning...the laundry room got it last week. Clean floors make everything a little bit better.

On Friday we went and looked at a college with Brian. We were impressed. I think he has made his final decision to go to Winona State University. It's about 2.5 hours away from a beautiful river town. Lots of changes in the air around here. I noticed the banners when we were there...liked them enough to take a couple of pictures. Turns out the banner place where I work made them....before I started working there. Small world.

More tulips. They change so much each and every day. I love the bright colors from this bouquet.

We stayed home on Saturday, a rare thing around here. Some days it's just best to stick close to home and take care of the ones that need taking care of.

Sunday was a quiet day at home too. A day to enjoy the sunshine coming in the windows....

....a day to enjoy the tulips that sort of look like poppies....

....and a day to bloom and grow....

...and most of all a day to create and to plan for some fun days ahead. Quiet days are good for the soul.

On Monday I liked the light coming in the window, I liked the smile on Brian's face. A new semester starting at school, his last one. Sigh. I have to get pictures of him while I can!

Monday night...our weekly Volleyball and grocery night. It sure is easier with Eric's help.

Tuesday....most of the country was getting hit by a huge blizzard. It missed us for a change....but got good and cold here. It feels like the winter that will never end. I feel bad for those that have been blasted by the snow....

....but I'm grateful that it missed us. We've had enough snow thank you very much....and it hasn't melted a bit. A day above freezing would be nice. Maybe this weekend...before it gets really cold again. Sigh.

The ground hog saw his shadow today. And probably froze his tail off. What does it all mean? Will Spring ever come? It's bound to eventually....but until then, I'm just going to focus on the tulips. Pink ones for this week.

Here they are again with some texture. I think I like it.

Tulips in my grandma's Ball jar. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

I hope that you have some little thing to brighten your days until Spring arrives!

Thanks for stopping by.

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