Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching up

Time to catch up again. My pictures won't necessarily match my notes of gratitude...but that's nothing new. Here's a cold cardinal at the feeder. How do birds survive the bitterly cold days and nights? I don't think there could ever be enough feathers to keep these little creatures warm.

We had dinner out too...it wasn't at the bird feeder though. Applebee's is the restaurant of choice for the boys, I like it too. Yeah!

Saturday late morning the doorbell rang. Brian saw a couple of girls running away to their car. Hmmm...suspicious! I'll do a post on it tomorrow....I'll just say that there were clues in the box for Billy to figure out. It was cute.

That wasn't the only excitement of the day...I got a new purse in the mail from ebay...and it's as nice as it looked in the photo...and I didn't pay too much. Yeah to that too!

Speaking of my new purse....here it is!

Sunday was a lazy day at home. Watched some football, read a book...should have gotten some things done....but didn't and that's ok!

Monday we had volleyball and our grocery store date afterwards...and I got tulips! Yeah again! I cut the bottoms, stuck them in a pitcher and took a quick photo. It was dark out...this is taken with just the over head light, my new lens and a camera with big ISO settings...no flash. Yep...yeah again!

Sunday night I joined my friends "Biggest Loser" team as a challenge to eat better and exercise more. I do better when I feel like I am in a competition....and I'm giving my resolutions a kick in the rear. Go team!

I rearranged my tulips today. Instead of one big bunch in a boring pitcher, there are now 3 bouquets arranged in Ball jars. One in the computer room, one in the kitchen and the 3rd one in my bedroom. This one is in the kitchen.

Spreading the cheer around the house. I like it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about Billy's surprise. It's fun having teenagers around the house! Thanks for stopping by.

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