Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching Up

I've been loving my tulips on the table. They are starting to reach out and get spindly like cut tulips do. I'm also loving my new lens and the crazy depth of field...and that I can take pictures without a flash when the light is pretty low. Cool.

I went to my always dreaded bi-annual dentist appointment on Wednesday. I think that the dislike of going stems from when I was young and the dentist would gas us into oblivion to work on our teeth...and then the brick wall across the alley (the only view from the window by the dentist chair) would start spinning....and then they'd want you to spit in that spittoon thing when you felt like you were upside down....and spinning. That might be it. Maybe it was just the smell when you walked into the place. Or it might have been from when I was about 14 and experimenting with lots of lovely blue eyeshadow and the dentist told me that I should spend more time brushing and less time on my make-up. The horror! Was he crazy?? Ummm...anyway....the dentist visits have changed so much since more spitting. Clean, cheery, odor free offices. Friendly hygienists, 12 year old dentist....well, she looks like she's about 12 because she's so young. When did all these health care people get so young? Not a sign of my age is it??? Hush. It was a good appointment. Just a cleaning, no scolding, no cavities, see you in 6 months. Sigh of relief.

It's been snowing here. A little every day. The big flakes were beautiful swirling all around on Thursday. I meant to get outside to take a picture but was trying to get a few design jobs done. (yeah) I should have taken a minute to do it, but instead I stuck my nose in the computer and by the time I came up for air it was done snowing. Then by the time I finally grabbed the camera it was almost 4:30. Uninspired, I know, but it had been a busy day.

And then, we shoveled....the end.

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