Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls Night Out

There was a lot of excitement in the air...and on Facebook. A group of us were going on a "Girls Night Out". Our destination was "The Melting Pot" in downtown Mpls. for an evening called "Flowered Frocks and Flip Flops". It was a fund raiser at a fondue style restaurant to provide stuffed bears for hospitalized children.

I'll start by saying that most of the girls are quite a bit younger than me....and a bit more energetic. There were plans of pedicures and shopping and new dresses and...whew. I decided that I could maybe at least paint my toe nails. I did early in the afternoon on Monday. Monday night we played volleyball. I had a feeling my pedicure wasn't going to look so good when I went to take off my shoes and my socks were stuck to my big toes. I wasn't cut out for this. Guess I'll be wearing closed toe sandals. Then there was the what to wear dilemma. I'm too cheap to buy something new for a night out. But then I started thinking about how young most of them are, and how fashionable, and how out of place I was. Oh well, I dug in my closet, and dug in some of my stored away summer clothes and found something that would do.

The weather has been crazy warm in the 70's...I didn't think I'd need to be finding summer clothes for March! When I was looking for something to wear I remembered something that had happened back when I was in my early 20's. I worked with a gal that was about 10 years older than me. She had been losing weight, she was so excited to fit into some of her older day she came into work wearing a sundress that was pretty out dated. I remember thinking "I'm not even old enough to have anything that out of style!" Not nice, I know, but I was young and thought I was in the know about fashion. 25 years and a couple of kids later and I've found out that I don't know anything. But it made me nervous all over again about the big night out.

I didn't need to be. Most of these gals are good friends, a couple I hadn't met before but they were nice and fun too. It was a good evening. Here is most of the crew...taken with my camera. A couple of them ducked out of the picture....

...but that's ok....I snagged this one from facebook. It's like those "what's different" puzzles. Can you see what's different?? :-)

The fondue place was fun. The only down side was that they divided the 11 of us into two groups. The tables were plugged into outlets in the floor and they were not moving! Our first course was cheese fondue. One was a spicy Mexican kind, the other was milder. I don't remember which ones we ended up with....the margarita's were 1/2 price. We had breads, chips, veggies and apples to dip in the cheese. It was gone in a hurry!

The next course was cooked in boiling broth....I had never had that, we've always used oil. This was so much healthier! Steak, chicken, shrimp, veggies, and even pot stickers. Yum. The pot stickers got a little mushy though.

Dessert was chocolate fondue. This one is the ying yang, with white and dark chocolate. We dipped rice krispie bars, cheese cake, other cake and strawberries. Double yum.

When they first brought the dessert out they caught one of them on fire and we toasted marshmallows. The flames don't show in my picture. I think it was during the marshmallow roasting that the suggestion of a girls weekend at the cabin came up. Hmmm....could be fun....
especially if someone brings the marshmallows!

In the end, the pedicures didn't matter, the outfits didn't matter....the only thing that mattered was getting out and having a nice evening with a bunch of fun women....and you can't go wrong when chocolate fondue is involved!

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