Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It was down right springy last weekend. On Sunday, after giving the horses a nice brushing I decided to take a little ride. I wasn't planning on riding, I only had tennis shoes with, but that's OK, it was just to nice not to hop on. First I took Czar out. See how Penny had already found the nastiest pool of water to flop herself in? Nice. I usually ride with someone else, because leaving one horse in the pasture causes....

...this. The left behind horse runs and whinnies and makes a big old fuss. They are cranky to each other when they are together, but separate them from their BFF's and all heck breaks loose.

Czar wasn't too happy about being away from his buddy either. I took a couple of short rides up and down the road...such trauma to have a fence separating the two! He was as springy as the weather.

Next it was time to take Skylar out...Czar wasn't very happy about it. Goofy I tell ya.

Skylar wasn't very happy either. He was kind of springy too. A couple of head cases. That's what happens when they laze about all winter without someone showing them who's boss. I'm the boss of you boy, don't forget it. Even with their crazy antics it was good to get them out a little bit.

Afterwards I had them back out in the pasture explaining things to them when this shadow passed over me. What in the world...oh, it was just this little old bald eagle flying by.

60 degrees, my horses, and an eagle flying over head. All in all a pretty good day.

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