Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out Front

I'm thinking of starting a little series here on my blog called "Out Front". It will be a snapshot or two taken from my front step to show how things are looking around here. Maybe a weather report, maybe a note or two about what is blooming in my front garden. I'll do it once a week or every other week, just because things seem to change so quickly around here. For example, this is what it looked like here last month...February 8th....snow, snow, snow.

Here's the view from yesterday, March 17th. Temps around 60 degrees, bright sunny day. What a difference a month makes! We've had a few wonderfully warm days in a row, but the weather is supposed to turn on us tomorrow...a high of 41 with rain and snow.

I hope it doesn't snow too much, because look at what's peeking out of the soil....a tulip! I planted a couple of dozen (I think) pink tulips last fall and it looks like some are coming up! There is something about planting bulbs in the fall that gives such a feeling of hope. Hope that we'll all make it through the long cold winter. Hope of better days ahead. Hope of spring and sunshine and warmth. Hope of blossoms swaying in the late spring breeze....

...and hope that those wascally wabbits stay the heck out of my garden! Shoo you wabbits!!
Happy Spring.

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