Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Stuff

There isn't anything big happening around here, but there are a lot of little things. So I thought I'd do a little post on some random stuff.

Random stuff # 1. Brian is a junior this year. He hasn't made any big decisions about what he wants to do after High School, but will be going to college somewhere. After he took his PSAT test late last fall he started to get emails and then all of these college informational mailings. Ads I guess. It's crazy. There are so many that we haven't even started looking at them yet. I suppose we better get on that. It's a little overwhelming to think about.

Random Stuff # 2. Billy has completed his drivers training, passed his test and now just has to have his eyes examined to get his permit. I think I should have my head examined for allowing it. Not really, he's a good kid...he's just growing up too fast.

Random Stuff # 3 . I'm playing in a volleyball tournament tomorrow. We play at 9:10 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 12:30. Depending on how we do in the pool we could be playing well into the afternoon. The good news is that it's a one day tournament, I'm afraid that being able to get out of bed on Sunday might be a problem. Oh...and I designed the shirts. :-)

Random Stuff # 4. A few weeks ago, at a volleyball match, I said something to one of the opposing players that I shouldn't have said. I knew that I needed to apologize, but didn't get a chance to until last night. I sucked it up and said that I was sorry, no excuses. He was very gracious. All was good. Then after the match, a gal from the Monday night league came up to me and apologized for the way one of her team mates had acted at that match. It was very kind of her, I tried to be as gracious as the man I apologized to was. Very strange that harsh words were exchanged at all, stranger that one was by me and a separate one was directed towards me. But very nice that apologies were made and all is well. It's supposed to be for fun after all!

Random Stuff # 5. I've been battling my weight for a while, finally the scale is inching down. Walking more and watching what I'm eating is actually working. It doesn't sound that hard, but sometimes it's impossible. Sheesh. Anyway, isn't it funny how much better a number on the scale can look when you're on your way down instead of moving up?

Random Stuff # 6. One of my friends is thinking of starting a cool blog. I offered to help make the header for it. While we were emailing back and forth, I got an email from blogger announcing their new blog templates. Cool timing huh? I've been planning on changing this blog a little bit, I'm glad that I waited.

Random Stuff # 7. This is Molly. She likes to sleep on which ever unmade bed she can find. She has a couple of options...hmm. One of the advantages of working from home means that I can find the cat, give her a shake and say "wake up cat!" I'm just getting even for all of those times she wakes me up at night. She doesn't like it much....

She usually gives me the crabby cat look, then starts grooming herself. Then I pet her in which ever spot she's just groomed, so she has to start over. I just want to show her what it would have been like if she had kids.

When she's not sleeping, she's looking outside. I'm not sure what she's thinking looks serious though. Maybe she's planning on some sort of revenge. Hmmm...I'm getting an uneasy feeling about this...

...maybe it would be better if I just let sleeping cats lie. Have a happy Weekend!

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