Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Isn't perspective an amazing thing? Today I'm thinking about perspective in regards to our weather. 40+ degrees with the sun shining and the snow melting....oh it feels so wonderful! But 40 degrees in October? Brrr....yuck...no!! It's all a matter of perspective. In October we just know that it's going to get worse and worse. Dread. In March we know it's going to just keep getting better and better. Hope! So many analogies that could be made there. But to keep this simple...and short....I think I'll just say that it would be good to live our lives with a spring like attitude...looking forward to it just getting better and better.

Anyway, a sunny and warm spring like day. It made Brian smile. Hi Brian, welcome home. Aren't you glad that I waited until the bus left before I took your picture??

Hey Billy, looks like you are smiling too. I see that you only have one headphone in your ear like usual...you wouldn't want to miss out on someones conversation or anything! Silly kid.

Penny was smiling too. We were just heading out for a walk, her favorite! Well, getting pet is her favorite....and getting chew bones is her favorite....and going to the country is her favorite...and getting attention is her favorite....and....well, you get the idea. She's easy to please. We had a nice walk. I have a new application for my phone that records the path we took, the miles, the time....it's very cool, and very handy. It's also a little bit like having big brother watching over me...but that's OK. This big brother doesn't call me fatso Patso or tell me how lazy I am every chance he can....wait, that was 40 years ago....I'm over it. Really.

On second thought, it's watching where I am, where I'm going, how many calories I am burning, how fast I'm doing it...maybe in it's own way it is calling me a lazy fatso Patso. Hmmm...I think I'll leave my phone at home tomorrow....and just enjoy the sunshine! Ahhhh.

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