Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out Front Part 2

Last week I started my little "Out Front" series. Not much has changed out front this week, probably not enough to warrant a post, but here we are. Out front. The Shasta Daisy leaves are turning green, the tulips are a little higher, the carnation leaves are coming out, and some other green leaves from a plant that I don't remember. Absent minded gardeners look forward to garden surprises every spring. That big ugly stump was from one of 4 HUGE ugly bushes that covered the front of our house. We chopped up the other stumps, but this one remains. It was just too much for us. Maybe I'll hack at it this year, I'll probably just plant something bushy around it. It will go away eventually.

The tulips got a little nipped by the cold I think. But they are still coming and have grown a bit this week. So, not much going on out front, but there is sort of a lot going on inside. Inside the house and inside my heart.

Last week Billy was handed a pretty big lump to swallow. He didn't make the cut for the High School freshman baseball team. Trouble is, he should have made it. He's played with the same kids for years, he stands out as being one of the better players. It's not just mom vision saying that, his stats back it up. But some how the coaches didn't see what he has during evaluation. It's one of those moments where you try your best to keep things in perspective, where you try not to over-react. But it's your child being told he's not good enough....when you know in your heart that he is. Grrr. Deep breath. Then you pull up your big girl panties and try to improve the situation. Eric politely talked with the coach, he also talked with last year's coach. We learned some things that could be improved on. We learned a little bit about baseball politics. We're getting Billy some extra training before travel tryouts which are in a few weeks and are feeling more hopeful. But the biggest thing I learned is what my boy is made out of.

We found out that he's made of some good stuff. Billy is passionate about yes there were some tears, and some hurt and some anger. But then he started thinking about what maybe went wrong and what he needs to do to get better. Instead of hanging his head and hanging up his cleats he's more determined than ever to prove that he belongs on a team. What could have devastated him has lit a fire under him. The boy makes me proud. I do believe that things happen for a reason, maybe he'll end up being an even better player because of it. Hopefully the stress of it won't do me in and I'll live to see it happen. I guess no one ever said being a parent is easy.

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